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Marbling Ink - Standard Assorted Colours - Set of 6

Product Description

These premium quality marbling inks make it possible to create magnificent, interesting patterns with ease. Based on the principle that oil ink floats, simply adding water causes the marbling ink to disperse, producing a stunning marble effect. Comb the floating ink and then gently place paper or any other porous material on top, carefully remove and leave to dry. Mix several different colours to achieve stunningly original designs.


  • 25ml bottles - fluorescent red, blue, green, pink, yellow and orange.
  • Wheat and gluten free
  • Range of vivid colours
  • Made using only the finest quality ink


  • Magnificent patterns can be achieved with ease
  • Huge range of colours, including fluorescent,pearlescent and metallic colours
  • Economical

Guide to Using Marbling Inks

  1. Always wear suitable overalls as the inks will cause staining on clothes. Treat stains immediately with neat washing up liquid.  Protect the working area.
  2. Using a tray larger  than the paper to be marbled, fill to a depth of about 3 cm with water.
  3. Prime the surface of the water using a drop of marbling ink, remove this with scrap paper.
  4. Using the dropper bottles apply one or two drops of colour gently onto the surface of the water. Several colours may be used together, though the best results are usually obtained using between 2 and 5 inks.  Allow the colours to spread across the surface of the water, to create your own individual pattern gently comb the droplets of ink.
  5. Lift the print from the water by placing a sheet of paper onto the print and carefully removing.

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