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Peel Off Paint - Assorted Colours Set of 6 300ml

Product Description

Brian Clegg Peel-Off Paint is a water based, semi-transparent paint, designed to be applied and peeled off smooth non porous surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, acetate, plastics and porcelain etc.  Specifically formulated for the education and domestic markets.

Once dried, Brian Clegg’s Peel-Off paint can be easily cut into shapes, stuck to chosen non porous surface, peeled off and re-applied as required. 

Produce large pieces of window art by painting Peel-Off paint in a margarine tub lid. Once dry the paint can be peeled off, cut into shapes and applied to a window to create a large collage.

Over lay dried pieces of Peel-Off paint to obtain colour mixing effects or mix the paint when wet.  Produce artwork directly on flat piece of acetate and once dry apply to window.  There are lots of ways this product can be used!

  • 24 hour drying time
  • Semi-transparent formulation
  • Fully inter-mixable
  • 300ml tube packaging with screw cap
  • Wheat and gluten free
  • Vivid, fresh, long-lasting colours
  • Apply to non-porous surfaces and peel off
  • Can be removed & re-applied as desired.

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